Niko Gee aka Big Geezy, Tobe Devkard aka TIG aka The Raw

– First Trackz Mixtape
– 16 Bars Mixtape
– Killa Shit Vol. 1 Mixtape (mit I-Bot)
– Primo 4 President Mixtape
– Marathon EP
– Hip Hop Will Never Die
– Auf Kriegsfuss Mixtape
– Lyrik & Poetry (mit Big Noyd)
(präsentiert von Niko Gee)



Backtadarealshit formed 2005/2006 by “Niko Gee” as known as “Big Geezy” and “Tobe Devkard” as known as “The Raw” in the region MVP (West-Mecklenburg) on the Elbcoast and stand for dope rap, skillz and technic, fresh Hip Hop Beatz. The goal of this movement is, like the name Backtadarealshit says, to bring Hip Hop back to the roots again. In the build time when Geezy mainly dealed with djing, countless sessions and endless freestyles followed, they conctantly philosophize and employed with and over the hip hop culture, with always new verses, tracks and releaes as result.
Several hundred songs were already created in the first years.
24/7 Hip Hop Undaground Lifestyle was and is the motto.
Backtadarealshit means to feel hip hop, to live for hip hop,
represent the culture and the elements.
Backtadarealshit is beeing shaped of hip hop and the love to hip hop. This music is for real hip hop headz or for people who still want and like to listen to hip hop in the original style.
Backtada” is the opposite of the typical modern rapper, hipster, trap-tapper aso., gangsta-rapper or the kind of rappers of the new generations who know Hip Hop/Rap only since artists like “Bushido” or 50 Cent, Eminem, Lil Wayne and dont take their lessons of the roots of this culture thus they dont show respect.
Backtadarealshit brings the old school sound back. This rap crew represents the real hip hop with a lot of rap skillz and always on 90s type beats. After the years it structured to a solo project from Geezy
because his former partner wasn’t anymore active. But “Backtada” still exists. The two crew member stay always real brothers, like they call each other, even if they are not active for a while. The album “Hip Hop Will Never Die” is in work, this idea came as answer to Nas “Hip Hop Is Dead”. In the guestlist is Armageddon (Terror Squad), Capone (CNN), Killah Priest & Buddha Monk (Wu-Tang). Completely produced by Vherbal Beats of the camp Anno Dommini. Earlier they rap on beats from Dj Premier, RZA, Alchemist, Havoc or Lord Finesse, long time they looked for the right producer who brings the special old school sound. Meanwhile Backtadarealshit is working with several such beatmakers. After “Hip Hop Will Never Die” will come the Album “Rap-Athletikz“. Also in the start holes is the collabo album of Niko Gee as known as Big Geezy with Big Noyd (Infamous Mobb Deep/QB), which also was formed – and released as Backtadarealshit. This collaboration album will have the title “Lyrik & Poetry”. With passion work the member on this releases, to bring classics that will establish worldwide and keep the old school alive.

100 % Classic Hip Hop Culture! Back 2 Tha Rootz – Keep It Real ALWAYZ !!!




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